Science Fair 2015 Winners
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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Science Fair Winners
Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our super scientists who participated in the school science fair on February 2nd.  Click here for the photo album. Everyone did a great job!   The winners are: 



Sean Pruett

Rylee Egbert

Madelyn Egbert

Kyle Holloman


Class I  (First, Second & Third Grade) 

Behavioral & Social Science

1st - Slade Little  “Spelling is Where It’s App”

2nd - Daniel Tew

3rd - Shawn Myers



1st - Camden Cooper   “Hot Kisses”

2nd - Connor Oliver

3rd - Katie Lynn Johnston

4th - Olivia Wright

5th - Joanna House

HM - Corvin Dunkerson

HM - Kinsley Wilson



1st - Emily Rhodes   “Rainbow Salad”

2nd - Timothy Pinkston



1st - Russell Boykin   “Pop Rock Your Balloon”

2nd - Alexa Reynolds

3rd - Mikayla Miles

4th - Olivia Gray

HM - Natalee Harper

HM - Grayson Morris


Earth, Space & Environmental Science

1st - Keunna McFadden “Is It False or Is It True Rocks Get Thirsty Too”

2nd - Nathan Wilson

4th - Endia Hicks


Engineering, Computer and Math

1st - Gracie Young  “Electro”

2nd - James David Brogan

3rd - Landon Davis

4th - Beau Batchelor


Medicine & Health

1st - Katie Buckalew

“The Blind Taste Test, An Experiment in Sensory Deprivation”



1st - Ross Gomez  “Germs Make Me Sick”

2nd - Mallory Goodman



1st - Gracie McDonald  “Electric Playdough”

2nd - Alyssa Metcalf

3rd - Sydney Shull

4th - Makiya Picken

5th - Logan Young



1st - Gracie Wiggins  “Ant Buffet”

2nd - Allison Shannon

3rd - Trey Little

4th - Taylor Shannon


Best of Fair: Keunna McFadden “Is It False or Is It True Rocks Get Thirsty Too”

Class II (Fourth Grade) 

Behavioral & Social Science

1st - Kirstyn Egbert  “The Voice”

2nd - Emily Grace Murray

3rd - Angel Mae Morris

4th - Seth Carney



1st - Jeremiah Lyons  “The Thirsty Potato

2nd - Cole Bullocks



1st  - Ani Dunkerson  “Flower Power”

2nd - Stephanie Pruett



1st - Tyson Marlow  “BLow It Up”

2nd - Payton Darby

3rd - Thomas Felton

4th - Zoey Partridge


Earth, Space & Environmental

1st - Dariah McFadden  “Astronauts Ride Bikes Some Shoot Hoops”

2nd - Lily Kate Jamieson

4th - Anna Johnson


Engineering, Computers and Math

1st - John Cooper Boswell  “What Blocks a Wi-Fi Signal”

2nd - Chandler Lucas

3rd - Jaylon Pruett

4th - Bryan Harper

5th - Jack Aniel

HM - Nicholas Barnard

HM - Cayden Wright


Medicine & Health

1st - Jace Wiggins   “Is It Really A Monster?”



1st - Ramya Hudnall  “Water Symphony”  

2nd - Riley McDade

3rd - Bradyn Turnbull

4th - Eli Jones


Best of Fair -  Kirstyn Egbert   “The Voice”  

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