Talent Show
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Thursday, December 14, 2017
Talent Show Participants
Talent Show Participants
Students were treated to an amazing talent show presented by several of their classmates.

The first annual S.E.E. Relay for Life Fundraising Talent Show was held December 12th.   Several students chose to pay a $5 fee to compete in the talent show.  Faculty, students and parents were invitied to pay $1 and attend the show.  Students compete in three categories:  Art, Singing/Playing an Instrument and Dance/Cheer/Gymnastics 

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The participants were: 

 Sing/Play Piano Madison Brown, Hattie Chaney, Kaylan Fountain, Brenden Hardy, , Brooklyn Holifield, Mikayla Miles, Taylor Morris, Caden Purvis, Kaleigh West, 

ArtDarrien Bishop, Brooklyn Brashier, Willow Campbell, Alondra Gramcko, Bailey Hardy, Teagan Koch, Allie Purvis, Laurie Purvis
Dance/Cheer/Gym Willow Campbell, Hattie Chaney and Anna Rae Carney, Allie Carney, Sarah Higginbotham, and Lane Rawson
Madelyn Egbert, Rylee Egbert, Mary Grace Hall, Gracie Miller, and Chase Keller, Zakayla Fountain, Crisyia Harris, Karly Hollingsworth, Ja'miyah Kersh, Serenity Waters

 The contest was judged by adults active in the arts community of Meridian:  Andrea Williams, Catherine Staggs, and Morgan Davidson 


The winners were:  

Sing/Play Piano:

1st place - Caden Purvis (piano solo)

2nd place - Brenden Hardy (singer)

3rd place - Madison Brown (singer)

3rd place - Kaylan Fountain (singer) 


1st place - Alondra Gramcko (crayon melt art)

2nd place - Willow Campbell (Picasso inspired face) 

3rd place - Bailey Hardy (Collage Goose) 


1st place - Allie Carney, Sarah Higginbotham, Lane Rawson (dance and gym routine)

2nd place - Willow Campbell (dance)

3rd place - Crisyia Harris (gymnastics) 


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