Yarbrough's Educational Reptiles Show
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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Fun family show

 Students at Southeast Elementary have been getting ready for some special visitors to come to their sssssschool! Becky Tucker brought her show, “Yarbrough’s Educational Reptiles: The Snake Show” to SEE for students and their families to get an up close, hands-on experience with reptiles of ALL kinds!! To get ready for this visit, all students , K-4, were engaged in the research and writing process!!! Students sought out accurate and relevant information on different types of reptiles, and then shared their information in different ways. Not only that, students created visual representations of what they had learned through “reptile art” in the classroom! Also, a “Reptile Art Show” was held where winners were announced each night at the show.  


Winners of Art Show: 1st Place: Kayleigh West, Teagan Koch, Rylee Egbert, Madelyn Egbert, Kaleb Mardis, Annalise Ethridge, Gage Shelton, Chloe Kelly, Allie Purvis, Reid Henry, Madison Lee, Audrey Neal, Laurie Purvis, Willow Campbell; 2nd Place: Gracie Wiggins, Michael Rutledge, Dusty Bolen, Blakleigh Hogg, Aubree Tew, Autumn Johnson, Maddie Turk, Allie Purvis, Markiveon Grant, Anna Kate Butler, Maddie Ford; 3rd Place: Mateo Garcia, Jaden Harbin, Ava Jackson, Caitlyn Haguewood, Gracie Wiggins, Angelicia Stephens, Willow Campbell, Caree White, Jaden Griesser, Olivia Ross; 4th Place: Skylar Parten & Brooklyn Holifield  

Photo gallery of Art Show Winners    







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