Fall Fun Day
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Friday, November 03, 2017
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Our Fall Fun Day will be November 13, 2017.  There will be a country store and concession stand in addition to fun and games on the playground, a kickball tournament and a movie in the gym.  We will use the ticket system to purchase items at the country store and concession stand.  Each ticket will cost .50.   Students should bring their money to purchase tickets by Thursday, November 9th.   All students should have received a note with a tear-off bottom for parents to fill out for ticket purchases.  If your child did not get one (or it is lost), just write your child's name, teacher name and how many tickets you want on an envelope with the money inside.  If you are paying by check for multiple children, please send ONE check and fill out a paper for each child.   Some of the concessions stand items available will be: 

1 ticket:  pickles, water, ring pop, chips

2 tickets:  canned drinks, Powerade, sour punch straws, starburst, skittles, push pop suckers

3 tickets:  pizza slice (no pizza until after 10:30AM) 

4 tickets: nachos 


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